Minor Attracted Persons (MAP) Group

This is a group being offered primarily as a therapeutic support group for men who have a sexual attraction to minors. This is an anti-contact group and should not be substituted for court mandated sex offending treatment. The group will plan to meet weekly for 1.5 hours on a weekday each week. Insurance will be accepted (Premera, Regence, First Choice, LifeWise, Medicare, and Molina) and the out of pocket cost per session will be $25. Sliding scale options will be available based on need. The group will start once 4 members have committed. The group will accept new members on an ongoing basis.

This is a support group with the intention of holding a safe space for participants to talk not only about their sexuality, but also about daily stress, family of origin issues, relationships, mental health, etc. This group will utilize an accepting, person-focused, approach to talking about both sexuality and other topics where support is needed. Other topics that will likely arise in this group include:
·       Current research and theory on adults who are attracted to minors (origins/causes, developmental correlations, historical and cultural contexts, clinical interventions, etc.)
·       General sex education
·       Attachment theory
·       The experience and impact of trauma
·       Creating a safety and prevention plan

This group is specifically appropriate for:
·       Adults 18+
·       Cis males (not appropriate for trans or non-binary individuals)
·      Individuals who feel a sexual attraction to minors and are distressed about this attraction
·       Individuals who are seeking support and help in coping with their distress and preventing inappropriate engagement with minors (anti-contact)

This group is NOT appropriate for the following people. If any of the below behavior is disclosed to me, mandated reporting requirements must go into effect either by me or another therapist who has received this information.
·       Any adult who has previously engaged in sexual contact with a minor that was never reported and still has access to this minor.
·       Any adult who is currently creating, selling, or distributing any type of child pornography or imagery that could be interpreted as an inappropriate depiction of a minor. *Please note that reports of viewing imagery are not sufficient in making a report in Washington State. If clients have a concern about this, I can speak with them in more detail.

 Please contact me with any questions about this group or to schedule an initial consultation. Each new group member is required to meet with me for an individual consultation before joining the group.